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Government Training Group for Physical Surveillance & Counter-Surveillance 

"When it Has To Be Done Right"

The #1 Private Sector Surveillance Team for Sensitive and High Profile Cases

Applications: Threat Managment • Security • Investigations • Business Intelligence • Privacy Protection

A quick response surveillance team is a must tool for any Threat Management Team's toolbox.

Code-5 is the law enforcement radio code for surveillance is being conducted. 

Physical surveillance is the most difficult investigative discipline to perform on a consistent basis. Most PI's are not qualified to provide physical surveillance. 

 Only an investigative firm that specializes in high-level surveillance services should be used if the matter is sensitive and of a high-profile nature.

Rapid Deployment Surveillance (RDS) program for security professionals: Register at no cost to ensure that our team will respond as soon as possible and conduct surveillance on a Person of Concern that poses an immediate threat of violence to others.

Established 1995 • California PI License 24090 • Insured

Personnel includes former FBI, CIA, Marine Corps & Navy SEALs

19-years of Reliable Client and Case Confidentiality

(Above) A physical surveillance operative on the Code-5 Team secures video evidence of a celebrity stalker in Los Angeles violating a restraining order.

For 19-years, our full-time experts have conducted numerous high-profile surveillances and have consistently achieved our clients' goals by securing the needed information and evidence without being detected. And have always maintained strict case and client confidentiality. 

Code-5 Team™ operatives conduct counter-surveillance for a client who is in the black Suburban en-route to Staples Center in Los Angeles. The stressed client was under a serious threat from a resourceful subject whose whereabouts were unknown at the time.

Additional C5T operatives, supported by our proprietary databases and sources, eventually located the threatening subject and he was put under 24/7 surveillance. The client was then at ease knowing we had subject under close watch.

Sophisticated social media search engines, authorized DMV accounts and proprietary databases are used to support our field operatives with the information needed to achieve the client's surveillance objectives.

Our primary service is covertly monitoring a subject deemed a high threat and video recording his or her activity and body behavior for security purposes and providing that information in real time from the field to the threat assessment expert.

Since it is imperative that the high threat subject not detect the surveillance, only proven surveillance operatives with five years or more experience conducting threat type cases "in the private sector" are utilized. All surveillance team members perform surveillance full-time in the "private sector" and most have over twelve-years with our team conducting threat related surveillances in the Los Angeles area.

Losing a target or being burned by a target should not be an acceptable result. 

A successful physical surveillance is accomplished in most cases by overcoming obstacles that may prevent the field surveillance operatives from maintaining contact and line of sight with the person being surveilled. 

The surveillance team uses a variety of lawful tools to overcome the many obstacles encountered in the field. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) aka drone is one tool that we use.

An expert in UAV regulations and related law supervises any use of a UAV. A well established surveillance principle is that a person can never be watched if they are in a place where there is an expectation of privacy, and a person can never be recorded on video unless in full public view with no expectation of privacy.

Multi-Ethnic and bi-lingual operatives are used as needed to conduct undercover investigations to support surveillance operations. After we located the seller who was advertising unreleased high profile figurines on the internet, a meeting was scheduled to purchase the alleged stolen items. The Code-5 Team™ undercover operative (above left) hands cash to seller (right) in exchange for the figurines. 


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Ethical • Efficient • Effective • Lawful 

Wolivar & Associates, Inc. is a licensed and insured private investigation corporation based in California that specializes in high-end physical surveillance services and training.

The Government Training Group is focused on providing training in physical surveillance and counter-surveillance to government organizations.

Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business / NAICS Code: 561611 and 928110

Certified State of California Small Business / Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise

Code-5 Team™

"The Code-5 Team is the special ops of the security and private investigation industries. Impressive." Security Consultant and Reference (retired LE; former Navy SEAL)


                        ` -                        

Part of the C5T on rare dress-up day. Our surveillance team is made up of males and females from various races and cultures, most of whom are bilingual.  

What we do: Elite surveillance operatives will covertly follow a person and record that person's public activity for lawful purposes. There are three levels of surveillance service: Tier-1 (Code-5 Team™ in above photo), Tier-2 and Tier-3. Tier-1 is the highest level of service.

Michael Wolivar, Director of Operations, closely supervises and coaches all Tier-1 assignments to ensure the case is worked properly and meets the client's objectives and needs. Michael uses a wide variety of resources to support the field operatives to include authorized DMV accounts, sophisticated social media search engines and proprietary databases, along with various sources developed over the past 20 plus years.

Additionally, Michael provides the client with real time updates (when requested) that includes video or photos. Customized reports with date-time stamped video prints are provided at the client's request.

Please note that we take extreme measures to ensure client names and case information is kept confidential. Case information is only shared on a "Need To Know" basis and electronic data is stored off line and is always encrypted.

Courtroom experienced surveillance operatives will testify as to their observations and authenticate recorded video evidence. 

Michael Wolivar (left) with then Beverly Hills Police Chief Dave Snowden (middle) and Jim Norman, retired FBI S.A. and former case agent on the Oklahoma City Bombing investigation

Michael Wolivar has over twenty-three years experience conducting private investigations in Southern California, specializing in high-level physical surveillances and security. His work background includes serving as a staff member on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee for U.S. Senator Bob Dole and as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps.

After sustaining a job ending training injury in the Marine Corps, Michael became an entrepreneur, eventually establishing an investigative company in Southern California known for high quality services to discriminating clientele. 

From 1995 to 2007 he owned and managed Wolivar & Associates, Inc., employing up to fourteen full-time surveillance operatives, specializing in high-level physical surveillance and counter-surveillance services, which included physical surveillances for security and privacy protection.

Michael’s clients have included the largest (by revenue) law firms to include Dentons; Baker and McKenzie; Gibson Dunn and Latham & Watkins. He has also served as the private investigator for several High-Net-Worth individuals to include the late Mr. Ed Snider, founder and owner of the Philadelphia Flyers. Michael has resided in celebrity homes, providing security and counter-surveillance during high threat situations.

In 2007, Michael sold his successful business and for the next four years contracted with two large national investigative companies, serving as vice-president for one national company, where he developed new lines of investigative services that resulted in significant revenue increases for both companies.

The most successful new service line Michael developed for the two national investigative companies, with help from his former Director of Operations at Wolivar & Associates, Inc., was National Mortgage Investigations, where he secured as customers two of the largest Private Mortgage Insurance companies in the U.S.

Following the 2007-2008 financial collapse caused by the mortgage industry, there was a need for national high volume investigations to investigate the tens of thousands of PMI insurance claims to determine if there was fraud in the loan application, hence a basis for denying the claim.

Both national investigative companies Michael contracted with were eventually acquired by private equity.

In 2011, Michael re-established Wolivar & Associates, Inc. with a specific business model to provide high-level corporate physical surveillance to the corporate, entertainment and government industries. Michael’s passion and expertise continues to be high-level physical surveillance.

Government Training Group for Physical

Surveillance & Counter-Surveillance

Bill V. / Instructor / former Navy Seal and ret. FBI Special Agent

During his service as an FBI S.A., Bill has worked as a member and instructor for the High Value Detainee Group (HIG). He has also spent 15 years working international terrorism cases and five years assigned to to the Central Intelligence Agency conducting source operations. 

Bill has multiple deployments to Afganistan, Iraq and the greater Middle East where he conducted numerous interviews of a wide variety of terrorist entities including core al-Qaeda, ISIS and Taliban leadership.

Bill has unique training and experience in surveillance and counter- surveillance techniques with application in both law enforcement and military. He also has significant experience as an instructor to law enforcement and military organizations. Bill currently has a Top Secret clearance. 

Bob D. / Instructor / retired CIA Operations Officer

Bob retired after 25 years of service with the Central Intelligence Agency. He served 23 of those years "in the field"; the Middle East, Europe, South America, Central America and the U.S. He developed and managed HUMINT operations on counter-terrorism. 

Bob has served as Lead Instructor for HUMINT and CT Training to U.S. Special Operations Forces and law enforcement. Bob is a subject matter expert on the following: Surveillance Detection Routes (SDR); Advanced Special Operations Techniques (ASOT); Field Tradecraft Source (FTS); Advanced Foreign Counter-Intelligence Operations (AFCIO); Advanced Military Operations Course (AMOC); surveillance and counter-surveillance; domestic and overseas counter-Intelligence, and HUMINT collection specialist training. Bob currently has a Top Secret clearance.

Sarah M., Ph.D. / Research & Background / former CIA Analyst

Sarah previously worked at a New York based intelligence and security company that assists corporations and high-net worth individuals in countering internal and external threats.

Prior to joining the New York based company, Sarah served as an analyst and manager for the Central Intelligence Agency, where she authored a wide range of products - including the President's Daily Brief - on critical foreign policy issues, providing context and identifying risk and opportunities for senior U.S. policymakers, military commanders and diplomats.

While at the CIA, she also was a counterintelligence analyst focused on techniques for validating sources; particularly in high-conflict areas like the Middle East. Sarah has a Ph.D. in Political Economy from the University of Texas with a concentration in econometrics.

Information Security

All client and case information is stored off line; not on a server. Secured apps such as Signal are used to communicate as necessary with our clients and among staff. Additionally, the Need-To-Know rule is strictly followed and only information necessary for the surveillance operatives to conduct their work is provided to them; the names of clients are not provided.

Signal is a free phone app that allows you to make calls and to send messages, images or video. Your communications are end-to-end encrypted, meaning they can only be read by your intended recipients. Signal keeps only your phone number and profile information. Its servers do not access or store your transmitted data, and you can configure the service to delete messages from your phone automatically at certain time intervals.
You can read Signal’s privacy policy here:
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