Physical/Mobile Surveillance & Special Projects

For sensitive and high profile matters

High Definition video with date/time stamp used on all assignments

Example type cases:

  • Threatening person/stalker
  • Corporate Espionage suspect(s)
  • Insurance Claims
  • Business Intelligence
  • Due Diligence
  • Vendor Compliance
  • Child Safety Checks
  • Difficult to Serve Subpoenas
  • Asset Locates
Operatives conduct covert counter-surveillance for client in black Suburban driving into Los Angeles. Client was under serious threat from a resourceful person whose location was not known.
Below are sample cases where we have had success in meeting the client objectives.  Surveillance is an investigative tool that has a wide application. On a regular basis, we provide surveillance services to investigative companies that do not have surveillance expertise and to compliment a part of the overall investigation.
  • Rapid response to an assignment where we then conducted counter-surveillance on a person stalking client; we secured video of the stalker driving by the residence and violating the restraining order; video used as evidence for the arrest
  • A business person was identified at LAX and followed during his visit to Los Angeles area and his activities and with whom he met and places he visited were recorded on video 
  • A high profile business executive had falsley claimed he was very ill and unable to attend depositions; we discreetly followed the witness around town and the video of his activity was used by our attorney-client in court to demonstrate the witness was untruthful
  • In a high value alimony lawsuit, evidence was obtained and used in court that demonstrated that a spouse had been untruthful in claiming she had not remarried
  • Suspect of a multi-million dollar embezzlement was followed to determine what assets he had purchased with the money; in a similiar case, a business person who filed bankruptcy was followed to better evaluate value and assets
  • In a child custody matter, we obtained video of a parent that was behaving in a manner that consistently put the child at great risk of being harmed
  • Maintained covert surveillance on a person who had threatened to disrupt a theme park on a specific holiday
  • Surveillance maintained from inside a high profile celebrity's home to provide security and record potential evidence of a former business associate that threatened to harm client
  • Secured video tape of a claimant who alleged he was100% disabled as he went skiing in Big Bear
  • Based on intel of an impending container theft at the Port of Los Angeles, suspects were successfuly followed over several weeks to identify where they went and with whom they met
  • Video evidence of a senior managment employee violating a non-compete contract
  • Intel and video evidence obtained of suspects trafficing in high volume amounts of counterfeit cigarettes
  • Mobile surveillance successfully conducted for a large battery manufacturer that demonstred discarded batteries were being picked up at retail locations by some employee drivers and taken to an unauthorized location where the batteries were then transported to unauthorized stores and sold