Physical/Mobile Surveillance & Special Projects

For sensitive and high profile matters



Our long term client references are credible and represent a wide variety of occupations. Please know that we first get permission from our client before providing their name and contact information as a reference. We prefer to provide references that are from the same occupation or background as the prospective client. For example, we would provide a former FBI S.A. prospective client with a list of our current clients that are former FBI S.A.'s and have used our services.

Credible references can be provided from a specific occupation or industry:


Federal Judge • Insurance Companies • Chief Security Officers • General Counsels • Flag Officers (retired) • Private Investigators and Large Investigative Companies • Entertainment Attorneys • Brand Protection Management • Ownership of Professional Sports Teams • Litigation Attorneys • Entertainers and Professional Athletes • Risk Management • Private Equity • Federal Government • Political Campaign Management

"I worked with Mike Wolivar on a patent infringement lawsuit. He was cost conscious, always kept the end goals in mind, and more important than anything else, he was able to deliver results using creative investigative techniques. He was superb. I highly recommend him."

          - General Counsel of International Corp. and Reference; member of ACC

"When you are going into a court room battle, I highly recommend Mike Wolivar and his team be on your side. Mike and his crew were very effective and cost efficient in getting what we needed with surveillance."

          - Fortune 500 Senior Executive and Reference

"Mike Wolivar is a true professional with years of experience conducting covert surveillance and related investigations under often demanding and difficult circumstances. He and his team produce outstanding results each and every time."
          - Retired Deputy Asst. Director of the FBI and Reference

Re large scale multi-team surveillance to collect intelligence on suspect group members
trafficking in large shipments of counterfeit cigarettes in the Los Angeles area:

"Extremely professional...nothing but praise."
            - David Parker, FBI S.A. retired