Physical/Mobile Surveillance & Special Projects

For sensitive and high profile matters

How To Choose a Mobile Surveillance Operative? The short version.

Most private investigators are not qualified to conduct mobile surveillance and many private investigators have a cavalier attitude about the results. Those type of investigators tend to either burn the case - client loses opportunity to get what is needed - or they keep losing the subject. Selecting a surveillance vendor should not be done by someone that does not know the business or has limited experience conducting mobile surveillance in the private sector.

Much like the medical and legal fields, private investigation has a variety of experts and specialists. There are a large number of PI's that claim to "do it all." Just as one would not use a patrolman to defuse a bomb or a primary physician for heart surgery one should not use a private investigator who is not a proven specialist in mobile surveillance, the most difficult of all investigation disciplines to conduct competently.

If you have questions about a surveillance that you have had conducted, we will provide a free evaluation-consult by reviewing the case facts, surveillance operative's background (how much private sector surveillance have they done), report and invoice of your current surveillance vendor.

Surveillance is an art form that few can do successfully. That is, follow a subject in a wide variety of environments without being detected or losing the subject.

Successful operatives possess that rare "6th sense" that allows them to determine when they are too close and when they are too far away from the subject so that they operate in the so-called "zone." Those without that "6th sense" and experience consistently lose the target.

One of the best ways to evaluate an operative is his/her success in working alone and obtaining video in suspect injury claims. Much of the evaluation can be made using references and metrics.

All Code-5 Team™ members have over 12-years experience conducting surveillance full-time on suspect injury claims and all have exceptional track records of success, hence why they were recruited for the high-profile and sensitive corporate cases.

ATTN RISK MANAGEMENT and GENERAL COUNSEL: The consequences of not doing due diligence to ensure that the "field operatives" are licensed, insured and of high quality can be significant. There are many investigative companies who are not qualified to conduct surveillance work so will contract out the surveillance work to operatives that lack the proper skills, equipment, experience, appropriate licensing and insurance.

Many PI firms, some with high profile names, hire off duty law enforcement who are not properly licensed or insured - and lack the private sector surveillance skills. Just because the investigative company you retain is licensed and insured does not mean the sub-contrators are too or that they are good at surveillance.

Please reference our provided "Surveillance Operative Checklist" to ensure that you are getting the best quality available for your surveillance and that there is proper licensing, equipment, qualified operatives, references and insurance.
Surveillance operative waiting for the subject to exit and depart in the van.