Physical/Mobile Surveillance & Special Projects

For sensitive and high profile matters

For Security Executives; Rapid Surveillance Response (RSR)

The RSR is a program designed for security professionals that have the responsibility of protecting facilities and/or persons. For RSR clients, we provide an agreed upon response time to specific locations when called upon by our client. There needs to be an active investigation regarding the threat for us to provide the covert surveillance-security. 
The surveillance operative responds right away to a location and conducts a covert surveillance and will video record activities that can be used as evidence and/or intelligence.  If necessary, a mobile surveillance can be conducted on a moving target. For example, if a suspicious person is observed driving by the threat location a mobile tail can be conducted to further identify the suspect. 
In addition to obtaining video, the operative will have phone numbers at the ready to call the client and watch commander of the local police department should a threat develop. Video prints can be immediately provided by the field investigator to client.
The RSR can be used in those situations where armed security is not necessary or in conjunction with armed overt or covert security, but where evidence gathering and tailing a suspect in a vehicle may be necessary from the threat location.